Free Automatic Porn Blockers – Where Are They?

Good question. Great question. Where are all of the “free automatic porn blockers” out there? If you are among the millions of concerned parents looking to protect your children from internet porn, you ask your self this question almost everyday. Well my friend, let’s break down EXACTLY what you are asking for, shall we?

Free – We all know what the word free means. We all like free. We want something for nothing. But nowadays that word is being used to lure you online and off. ilmaista pornoa I’ll give you an example. Companies know that free gifts will make a person think that they are getting something for nothing.

You see the word “free” in the website,(because they know that everyone likes “free”!). You go to the website. The website explains how “free” it is and that there is no cost to you to download their product to your computer.

You think “cool”, I just got a “free” porn blocker! You try the program out and it works…for a day or two. Later you notice that your children are still being bombarded with porn everyday. When you access the “free” download to found out the reason. The program tells you that to block the porn that is getting through, you might have to pay a “small fee.!” Wow! I thought it was free!

Let’s examine “Automatic”, shall we?

Automatic – Again, when you type this into whatever search engine you are using, this means that you want something that is just going to do it’s job. Something that you can just install and let it do it’s job without any further work from you. Oh you might check on it in the future, if you have the time. But for the time being, you just want to “set it and forget it!

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